A Little about Havencroft Miniatures


                                      “ Our beginnings”

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As is often the case it seems, we started with “full-size” horses, and loved them. I worked with retired Standardbreds from the harness track and spent 2 years volunteering with the Standardbred Retirement Foundation and 3 more years on their payroll working at retraining and finding good loving homes for horses that for one reason or another just couldn’t stay on the racetrack any longer. They were big, loving, steady horses, that taught me more than I could ever express.

In 1995 I “discovered” miniatures and was absolutely “hooked” on these little guys with so much spirit that they carried within themselves, along with their  gentle,  affectionate nature. So I started writing for more information, researching and talking to anyone I could find who knew about miniatures.

In 1996 my husband and I attended a herd dispersal auction for miniatures. (I was going to find more people to talk to and to see how much more I could learn).As we walked through the barn a little yearling colt caught my eye. He was small, and a beautiful golden color with a flaxen mane and tail. I spent the best part of two hours in the barn talking to him and getting to know him while Noel watched the progress in the ring and did some of his own talking and learning. Knowing that now was not the time to bu,y I finally left the little guy and went to see who would take him home that day. As I sat in the bleachers chatting with a really nice lady who was more than patient with all of the questions I was asking, the auctioneer was moving to the final few horses in the sale.  As the little guy I had spent time with entered the ring, and the bidding began I listened to the answers the kind lady next to me was helping me with, all the while trying to watch so I would see who bought the little guy I was regretting I couldn’t bring home. The auctioneer’s voice rose as he announced “SOLD” and I looked up to find the auctioneer pointing at………. MY HUSBAND! “Noel what did you just do?” I asked disbelieving, and the wonderful man just looked at me and said, “I bought a horse”. He had not been in the barn with me and did not know about all of the time I had spent with our little “Champ” but somehow Champ was coming home with us!

Since that time the big horses here have all gotten new loving homes and we have moved to “exclusively” miniatures.

We placed our first “show horses” with a trainer as we learned, and had the best first year with our  very own horses in the show ring that I think a person could have. (Big thanks to Sam,  Marcia and Robby Barth of Showtime Training Center)We watched and learned and got our “feet wet” in the show arena ourselves a few times that year too.

Miniatures have stolen our hearts,  and our lives will not be the same. So many wonderful people to meet, things to learn, and experiences  yet to be gained.


When interviewed for the local newspaper and asked “why minis?’ these were our answers. “ Minis make us smile and laugh daily, minis are ‘quiet therapy” in the sad times, minis are a gentle loving passion for us. We saw the face of the 90 yr old gentleman who use to farm and wanted to “see” them, and were told that he hadn’t talked so much at the nursing home in years after his visit.. The delight on the faces of the children who visit and all these little ones are teaching our grandchildren with their unending patience”.


“Bless the beasts and the children, for in this world, they have no voice,..

                                        they have no choice”.




Enjoyment of nature’s animals allows us to sample the pleasure all around us.


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